JESUS Boot Camp,
JESUS 3D.S…  a 3Dimentional SAVIOR
& V irtual B ible S tories

Α… †Back to the Future… Ω

A glimpse…

~The Land of Goshen [Ground Force]
Bible Story Re-enactments & Highlights of the Promises of God.

In the beginning…
Paradise Lost…
The Garden
Noah’s Ark
Belly of a whale
Downtown Jericho…
The Wall
Your Chariot awaits…
The Storehouse
A rainCOAT of many colors


The Winter Games [Ground Force]

Races (skiing, hiking, dog sled, snowmobile, …) through the Red SEE
Walking on Water Ice Skating, …
Battle Cry (snowball, paintball, laser tag, …)

~Jesus Boot Camp [Ground Force]
Build & carry cross to stations & places.

High & low ropes course.
Discipleship 101
Do the work of an evangelist, exercise your gifts… Fulfill your ministry.


~Patmos Island [Virtual Reality, 3D Team Experience]

ImaxUmax Holy Land
Jesus 3D.S
wwJd & SOC [Soldier’s of Christ] Battle Games
Virtual Paradise & Serenity Now

~The Well [Dedicated Water Park]

~Train Up “A” Family Center & “The Rest” Sanctuary

Family, School, & Spiritual Counseling Center
24/7 Feed My People Helpline
Getaway to an island Retreat… In season & out [SAD no more]


~Thy Rod & Thy Staff Club
[7×3 hole golf course & wonders of God miniature golf course]


~”The One” Worship & Conference Center
[Indoor and outdoor Praise, Worship, Dance, Drama & Conference Theaters]

Sunday Night Live
God’s stock…
The Potter’s Place
David’s Dance Hall

~Good Samaritan House & FREE Market
[This is where the tithe goes.]


ICU [In Christian Unity] Cafe
Wedding Feasts at Cana Banquet Hall
His people in “The Study” Room
Samaritan FUNd… Dispersed by Deacons & Counselors 4 all who are needy [widows, orphans, children, unemployed, single parent or single earning households, the sick, weak, & hurting… all who need Jesus]
Loan & Debt Forgiveness Program- CANCELED!
College & Ministry Scholarships
Free Park Passes to area churches & groups for VeBS
Kicked to the [curb] side of the road Recovery & Restoration Project
A Lifeline to The Storehouse [found in Goshen]
Money to local [now needy] schools… for “FREE” ADMISSION to administer stop bullying & real ‘no child left behind’ programs [after school of course].


~His Will Trade Center

Arts, Thrift, & Carafe Show
‘Make & Take’ & ‘Take & Make’ Children’s Craft & ‘Picture This’ Village
A Community of Service


[All story & battle re-enactments will be found at Goshen for Real & at Patmos Island for Virtual Reality… in season & out.]


If you share any part of this vision,
please tell me so that we may share a…




“I cannot imagine how my brain can come up with any part of this and yet, I’m told, it can’t be done or it’s too big, too much, too ‘out-of-the-park’, and, and, and.  How can this be?

And if it can be found “in my sights”… how much more can it be when joined with yours?”


~ “Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God’s.” ~
[2 Chronicles 20:15]

 It all stated with…

JESUS Boot Camp,
& V irtual B ible S tories
2011 & beyond…

Α… †Back to the Future… Ω

My first thought is to see these Virtual Bible Stories created & used cooperately throughout the Northern New York churches, schools, VeBS [Very exciting or Vacation Bible School], summer recreation, community groups, etc…

From here on out, the Bible Tour… gets BIGGER!

In the beginning…

VBS Re-enactments in 3D – Initial Bible Stories of interest
[Participating Church stations may submit their own ideas for re-enactments… committing to one Biblical Story.]

First order of business…

Invitation to churches as participants and committee formation
Set day and time of first , and subsequent, committee meetings…

Committee Meeting Dates and Schedule Set

Church Station Requests for Re-enactments organized and needs assessed per station
Sub-committees formed [each church station]:
Prayer, Leadership & Administration, Bible Teacher/Historian,
Building & Grounds, Financial Support, Volunteer Coordinator, etc…
[committee members may serve more than one role]

“The Story” of Noah & The Ark

A glimpse…

Noah’s Ark:  Participants placed into ‘Family’ and ‘Community’ Groups.  Half family and community proceed to the top of ark and remaining family and community are grounded.  From ark, participants are led to look down to those left behind to perish [Scripture and messages delivered to group].  Those on the ground are led to look up to those on the ark and examine themselves as to whether they have ‘missed the boat’, ignored HIS Word, stifled God’s voice, made a fatal error… or …”Thank God” are ‘on-board’ with the Truth?  “They are fools, but ‘What if they’re right?”

… A heart bent toward evangelism

37 For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. 38 For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be. [Matthew 24]

STAY TUNED> A good work in progress…

If interested in participating in any way, please email me at

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