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WHATs NEW4Events… Spring 2014

God's NOT Dead poster

God’s Not Dead in NNY!!! This movie’s now at the Regal Salmon Run Cinemas in Watertown and has been extended another week. “Yeah!”

I’d like to CHALLENGE “the local church” and my brothers & sisters in Christ… TO MAKE A SHOWING!!! Support the move of God, -ie- movie in our area.

Wouldn’t it be the “Christian” thing to do if we and the local churches A) organized groups to go, B) offered child care for those who need child care, so not to cause distractions for those who didn’t bring their children [I, for one, would volunteer for this tour of duty after I have seen the movie first- going this weekend], and C) helped to cover the cost of movie tickets for the less fortunate, where possible?

[Matinee tickets [before 4PM] are $9 for both Child & Adult, $8.50 for Seniors & Non-Matinee tickets are $11 for Adults, $9 Child, and $8.50 Seniors.]

Understandably, it is a hardship to go, financially speaking, considering the ticket and food pricing alone [for my children & I as well], but I feel this is very important… and my teens really want to see it [that’s grounds enough for me]. Sincerely, if we don’t go, we really have no business complaining about all the evil [& atheist] crap out there that’s playing at the movie theaters, the poor programming on television, or that there is just not a lot of “Jesus” being proclaimed in the World. Whatever our feelings are about the film itself, I hope we remember that “he who is not against us is for us.” [Mark 9:40]

I think this movie is a great evangelical tool that hits us where we are, where we’ve been, or where we may be going. Personally, I would LOVE to take huge groups of youth & teens, but I know that is way out of my wallet’s potential. [But I also know that if God wants it done— It will be done!]

God's NOT Dead no. 2 movie in the country

God’s NOT Dead… in theaters now!

God’s NOT Dead… Newsboys

God’s NOT Dead!  He’s surely alive… & I can prove it!!!


Winter 2014

 HOPE Women’s Conference

HOPE Women's Conference 2014

Who would like a chance to win FREE registration to the March 2014, HOPE Women’s Conference?! To participate in the drawing, simply “Like” the HOPE Women’s Conference Facebook page, and share this picture on your wall! Please invite your friends to do the same. On February 8th, we will announce the winner!

Early registration ends February 15! $30 before that date, $35 after. Breakfast refreshments and lunch included in the cost!

[Also, don’t forget to like the Conference page https://www.facebook.com/Hope2014ACF  on Facebook and share the informational flier photo, for a chance to attend the Conference for free!]

A little info about the Guest Speaker: Nancy Clark…

“Prophetic yet practical, Nancy ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit inspiring faith and a fresh visitation of God. Serving over 33 years, Nancy’s ministry includes church planting/founding, pastoring, Bible School Teaching, worship leading, mission work, and conference leading. Nancy has served on Boards of various ministries, currently serving on the Board of National Association of Evangelicals. Through their present Ministry; Mutual Faith Ministries & Network, Jeff and Nancy Clark encourage and resource leaders, pastors, churches, denominations, and ministries within get global Christian Community. Jeff and Nancy have been married for 33 years and have three daughters and 3 grandchildren.”



Coming Soon…  April 25 – 26th
@ New Life Christian Church in Watertown, NY

redline-conference-2012-website [2012]

"JESUS HEALS" at Redline 2013  [2013]

“I don’t think I have ever seen
a greater impact, a more powerful call to
prayer & worship, or as amazing [& amazed]
response to an altar call, as I did at
the Redline Youth Conference 2013.”

From Brothers McClurg’s noble “Just say the Word”
in worship, to Reggie Dabbs #30-1 altar call countdown, the Holy Spirit certainly had His hand in this Powerfully Anointed Experience.  All that was in the house [300+ teens], made their way expeditiously & simultaneously to the altar for prayer.  [I was reminded of the scene in “The Blob” at the movie theater. :) ]  So many “saved” & “changed” lives that night.  “Thank God!”  And all that remained standing in the back, were the humbled parents & adults who marveled at the work of God’s Hands.  I know this because, I was among the humbled & grateful, whose own prayers were answered that night.

That was then,

And… I’m expecting even GREATER THINGS [@Redline2014]~ for here & now!

Redline Conference 2014~

Returning to start us off again with “Powerful Worship” & join with us in keeping up the Spirit, is [drum roll please]…

The Brothers McClurg



On that keynote…

Matthew Barnet, Founder of the Dream Center


“Matthew Barnett, Best-Selling Author of The Church That Never Sleeps and The Cause Within You and pastor of one of America’s fasting growing churches, is one of the most dynamic voices God is using in Christianity today. Son of Pastor Tommy Barnett, Best-Selling Author, Church Growth Pioneer, and pastor of what Time Magazine considers one of the three largest churches in America, he has learned powerful principles of ministry which have gifted him in founding the Dream Center in Los Angeles.

The Dream Center began as a typical local church.  But with the fresh vision and desire to impact an entire city that God birthed in Matthew’s heart, the church grew from 39 members at its conception in September of 1994, to reaching more than 30,000 people each week in the Center’s 40 services and nearly two hundred ministries today.

The Dream Center houses close to 600 people who are being rehabilitated for the glory of God. Over 40,000 people a week receive food and many other services are offered to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the local community.  As of September 2003, there have been over 150 Dream Centers launched around the world.

2001 was a historic year for the Center.  Pastor Matthew Barnett and the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel united the famous Angelus Temple with the Dream Center.  Through a process of two great denominations working together the unification was possible and as of November 1, 2001, Pastor Matthew Barnett became the Senior Pastor of Angelus Temple and the Dream Center.  Matthew now has a congregation in excess of 7,000 attending weekly.

Matthew has spoken in some of the largest and most prestigious conventions, conferences, camp meetings, and churches throughout America and the world including Promise Keepers and Hillsong. He has consulted leading businessmen, celebrities, and athletes. Former President George W. Bush has endorsed him with highest regards to his achievements and his church has been recognized several times in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times for its contribution to the community.  The Los Angeles Times Magazine did a feature story on Matthew Barnett in their July 21, 2002, issue placing him on the cover.  Pastor Matthew has also won numerous awards including the Religious Heritage Award in 1999.

Pastor Barnett was married to Caroline in September of 1999, and they serve together in Los Angeles.  They have one daughter, Mia Aimee Barnett, born September 2003, and a son, Caden West, born on January 18, 2006. Contact for speaking – pastorsoffice@dreamcenter.org”

Stay Tuned for more Redline info…



Cross over Farms 5 31 13

Healing Rooms of the North Country

Believers from many area churches meet to pray for those who need healing. In Luke 10:9, Jesus said, “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.” Come to Faith Fellowship and receive “the prayer of faith”.

Every Monday from 4:00-8:00PM

131 Moore Ave.

Watertown, NY 13601


International Association of Healing Rooms Christian believers from across the North Country are available on Mondays from 4:00-8:00PM at Faith Fellowship Church to pray for people with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  They have been ministering locally since February, and have seen people healed of fibromyalgia, allergies, a slipped disc, herpes virus, and a migraine headache, among many others. Information about the national association, along with many testimonies of healing, is available at www.healingrooms.com.  For more information about the local chapter, call 771-2523.

Watertown Assembly of God…


“…would like to extend an invitation to all the men and women in the community to come join us at our Monday night Turnaround meeting. Turnaround is a faith based, 12 step group for any sin addiction.  We start out with live worship, then evangelist Derek West gives an encouraging word, then the men and women split up for groups. So bring a friend and come be encouraged.”

WHERE: Watertown Assembly of God church 116 HALEY ST
WHEN: Monday Nights @ 6:30pm (for more info call 788-8885) 

More… ATF Ministries

A.T.F.  – A Turning Force To Freedom


Breaking The Chains
Biblical Recovery Ministry

“Breaking The Chains Biblical Recovery Ministry is a ministry helping those who are bound to problems and struggles and wish to break free from the chains of bondage through the freedom of Jesus Christ. These problems and struggles keep us chained like slaves, hindering us from moving forward and enjoying the life God has given to us. Although we are not professional counselors, our program shows you where to find answers to many of lifes problems through God’s word…the Bible.”

Many times when we think of recovery programs, we think of drugs and alcohol, but recovery covers so much more! Many people suffer from many different things due to many different reasons. Some issues covered in this ministry are listed on their website…   www.btcbrm.org


Church of God, Soldiers of Jesus Christ

314 Clay St., Watertown, NY  13601


Every Tuesday night from 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Adult programs are from ages 19 and up.

Youth Ministry for youths ages 12-18, same time and place.

For more information on this ministry, please call the church phone at 315-755-2992.

A Minister of God Ministry

Online Support and Understanding for a Christian serving in the Military

AMofG Website:

AMofG Forum:

“Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)


Stay tuned for more, more, more…

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