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For today… IGNITE and Be COURAGEOUS!

NNY WORSHIPS! presents… IGNITE Conference! Coming to a city near you! September 30 – October 2 Featuring Kent Henry! September 30 @ 6:00 PM at Faith Fellowship in Watertown A night of intercession activating gifts, talents, and anointings with a … Continue reading

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“An Elephant in the Living Room”

  This is really big and I can’t hide it!  I don’t think I will ever forget the title… “An Elephant in the Living Room”- The children’s Book.  An Elephant in the Living Room is a prevention book, I and my colleagues … Continue reading

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Butterfly kisses, INDEED!

~~~Happy Birthday to me~~~ I am always so WOWed by God every time He blesses me… like it’s the first time.  So I’m thinking, why should my birthday, be any different?  Because He’s God… that’s why!  When I was a child, … Continue reading


Is that you?

My daughter shared with me something she saw a few weeks back from the balcony of our church, as she faced down toward the congregation.  She recited who was speaking, who was singing, and who was praising… in color.  Everyone else appeared … Continue reading

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Before her… there’s HIM!

On a certain day in November 2010, in my communion with the Lord, I fell into a dream… “I saw a congregation of Spiritual Leaders before me. And they had on trial a member of the body who had fallen down. … Continue reading


WHATs UP next… September 2011

Unplugged & Unplanned “Mark has been making people laugh and cry for about 40 years. He usually travels with the Gaithers. If you go to his website you can read all about him. He is hilarious and he has … Continue reading

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Is that a Crown? “RIGHTEOUS!”

I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES… not just for them! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES… because HE Promised! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES and also TESTIFY… to His miracles of Healing and His Miracles of Life… EVERYDAY! It’s every day, the King tells me that this is ‘right’, as I sit at His footstool … Continue reading

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