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The Light in “Black Friday”

“How is the darkness going to ‘see the Light’ if the Light doesn’t show UP?” This morning, as I was thinking about what lies ahead, I remembered one of the Scriptures I had included in yesterday’s post, & knew it … Continue reading


“Catch me Daddy!”

There are just some things, where only “Daddy” will do! I glanced out the window this morning and I took particular notice of the patriarch of the farm I live on.  I thought about how long and far God must have brought him to this day. And … Continue reading


The Day After …

… THE ELECTION.  What did that look, sound, and feel like for you? CHARGE >>> “Will we be the same Christian after, as we were [we are] before… the election (added 11/7/2012), the plan, the miracle of healing, the time, … Continue reading

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Love R evoL ution

♪ Friend… WE NEED a LOVE REVOLUTION RIGHT here~RIGHT NOW! ♪ [Love Revolution by Michael Tyrrell] ♥ I think now after all these years I could really dig being a “hippie”.  😉  The whole concept of a Love Revolution has sparked a movement … Continue reading