Her turn. His lead!

 “She did what she could.
She gave what she had.
Now, I believe, it’s her turn.”


I have learned a thing or two on this long journey. That there is good, bad, and sometimes really ugly times, along the way. I have also found the blessing, in that those times that are the hardest, the worst, & the ugliest, God sends an open window, that certain door, a well-timed lifeboat, sometimes even a crawl space, or… two special people I have never met before.

And so it was nearly 4 1/2 years ago, right before my world would take a dive like I never could have imagined, God sent Kathryn & Kellie-Jo into my life… like a memorial. As life would have it… & I would never forget it. I had no idea then how much of a memory and imprint these two would leave on my heart to this day. And may I say, the honor and privilege has been more to my gain & blessing, then it could ever have been the other way around. I am amazed at how the Lord instructs me on this long & winding road, and I just don’t always get it until He takes me out of the classroom and then shows me with [and among] His people… and sometimes on a dance floor.  And that is exactly what He did.

The first time I met Kathryn she had dropped her precious baby girl Kellie-Jo at the doorsteps of Smithville Baptist Church, a small country church that if you didn’t know where you were going you’d get lost, located not far from where she lived. She knew that there was nothing left that she could do for her daughter. She had tried everything. She had done all that she could, and was desperate for her child’s healing. She knew He could, where she couldn’t. What I didn’t know at the time was she herself needed a physical healing too. But she wasn’t making a petition for herself that day; she was a mother on a mission. She didn’t come for herself; she came for Kellie-Jo.

This just throws me! A woman, who doesn’t even go to this church or know anyone who does, drops off her youngest daughter on the doorsteps, feeling too unworthy to even enter herself [& this by-the-way, wrecks me more] and leaves her there, trusting the Lord with what mattered most to her, her child.  I thought “WOW!”  “Now that’s FAITH!”  She thought of Jesus and she just handed everything over to Him. To me, it’s like Kathryn looked up to Heaven on the doorsteps of SBC & said… “Jesus, I give you my baby, who You had given to me first. I know You love her. Just say the word and Kellie-Jo will be healed!”

What I had come to know, love, & find very refreshing about Kathryn, was her direct & genuine honesty. She told it exactly the way it was. She was a giver and she was “for real”.  Some people may say that she didn’t have much, but what she did have she gave it away. And that my friends, was the best part. She made no claims to being fancy or “all that”. What you saw, was what you got…

“Lord, I’ll take a hundred of her please!”

She did what she could
She gave what she had
Now, I believe, it’s her turn.


I loved that about her. And I see it too in her daughter Kellie-Jo. So the generational beauty continues…

The first time I saw Kellie-Jo, I had glanced just behind me at Smithville Baptist Church and I noticed a young lady I had not noticed before. She was seated not too far behind me. I could not take my eyes off from her. There was something about this girl. I had this nagging feeling tugging at me like I was suppose to say something to her but I had no idea what I was to say or where this feeling was coming from. The urgency to speak to her gained momentum the further into the service time went. Suddenly, a prayer request went out to the congregation, but instead of asking for prayer for herself, this young girl asked for her mother. “What is your mother’s name” they asked her. “My mom’s name is Kathryn” as she spoke out through her tears.  Like mother, like daughter!

Those urgent, heart-tugging feelings of mine, turned into in-depth conversations with God that consequently turned into conversations with Kellie-Jo & many others over the years, that prayerfully continue to this day… I pray even as we speak.

What started out as a word here and a prayer there, actually started to mean something to the people God would highlight to me. I think I was as amazed as they were when it happened, probably more. [I know how inept I am.] Kellie-Jo was one of those first few who saw that in me when I couldn’t [or wouldn’t].

After a short period of time, Kellie-Jo had married and moved away. All seemed well until the next communication came by way of Kathryn. And this time, she had made it all the way into the church, as far as the altar, to tell me… Kellie-Jo needed HELP!

No matter how far we happen to move away from home, the Lord does not miss a step.  Jesus was always on the case and Kellie-Jo would make it through just fine.

And just a month or so ago, I ran into Kellie-Jo at a local Arbor Day Festival. She looked great with that big smile across her face as she came over to my table to give me a hug. The darkness had lifted, the deceiver had departed, and I could see the sparkle of the young girl again that Jesus rescued the day her mom dropped her off to Him. And now, a little over a month later, I was just in time to witness Kellie-Jo drop her mother off to Jesus. Wow Lord, You sure know how to deliver a God-send.

And as I stood beside Kathryn as she lied in that hospital bed, with my eyes trying to deceive me as to whether she comprehended my presence there or not, I felt something from inside and I began to pray.

When the words leave me, they really do escape me.  I do not often remember.  But what I do know is this…  When I pray where He leads, He always gets it right.  So today I am so thankful, that instead of me, it was Jesus in my place.

When I looked at Kathryn one last time, I saw the dance floor.  It was her turn.  It was His lead.  She stated her intentions for Him the moment she gave Him her heart, and all the “precious” moments she had in it.   And when Jesus takes the lead, the next move is always right, even if everyone else doesn’t think so.  But in a little while, if Jesus takes their lead, they’ll think so too.


I know this post is a little different then my usual posts but I do hope you like it. It is my heart-felt desire to give it to you real, raw, and straight-up; like a direct hit to your heart, an honest word between your eyes, a finger that points to the things & the One that matter most, and if I need to… find a doorstep where Jesus stands at the door and knocks, and deposit you there.


She did what she could
She gave what she had!
She knew He could, where she couldn’t.

Now, I believe…

  It’s Kathryn’s turn & Jesus has the floor!
… jams4JESUS

During my visit with Kathryn & Kellie-Jo in the hospital [just two days before Kathryn’s passing on May 18, 2013], I learned of Kathryn’s favorite song to her children… I hope you dance!

In honor of Kathryn, for Kellie-Jo…

As I was leaving the hospital that night, Kellie-Jo whispered in my ear “you are a God-send”… and I laughed out loud.

Here’s why Kellie-Jo…    “God-sends!” Posted on May 1, 2013

Thank You Lord for sending me “two special people I have [had] never met before.” ♥  Until that day… 😉 



About jam4JESUS

I... 'will seek [First] the LORD my God, and I will find Him if I seek Him with all my heart and with all my soul.' Deut. 4:29 I... 'shall love the LORD my God with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my strength.' Deut. 6:5 I... 'Trust in the LORD with all my heart, And lean not on my own understanding; In all ways... acknowledge Him, And He shall make my path straight.' Proverbs 3:5-6 I... 'remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you' 2Tim. 1:6 I... 'thank God, whom I serve... without ceasing... I... remember YOU in my prayers night and day,' 2Tim. 1:3 I... am to 'Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let my requests be made known to God' Phil. 4:6 I... KNOW: 'I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.' Phil.4:13 'My God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.' Phil. 4:19 'My GOD will never leave me, nor forsake me.' Heb. 13:5 JESUS so loves me, this I... KNOW
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4 Responses to Her turn. His lead!

  1. hubertwrites says:

    Julie!!! This is a magnificent post! I’m crying! Please pray for my three Children to come back to Jesus, and for him to open the doors of healing of all the wounds of my heart , and theirs, that maybe by his grace and mercy I will some day be the man he wants me to be, and my children might be his serving him with their whole lives. Julie, I see your heart in this post, I have not asked another person to pray for me or my kids in about 10 years now.. You are true, as I was when I first began walking with God.. Thank you for blessing me today

    LV Hubert


    • jams4JESUS says:

      “Thank You Lord!” When Jesus takes the lead it is always right. With that in mind [& heart]… these Psalms kept coming to my heart as I first read your comment/request Hubert…
      “As the deer pants for the water brooks,
      So my soul pants for You, O God.
      2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God;
      When shall I come and appear before God?
      3 My tears have been my food day and night,
      While they say to me all day long, “Where is your God?”
      4 These things I remember and I pour out my soul within me.
      For I used to go along with the throng and lead them in procession to the house of God,
      With the voice of joy and thanksgiving, a multitude keeping festival.
      5 Why are you in despair, O my soul?
      And why have you become disturbed within me?
      Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him
      For the help of His presence.
      6 O my God, my soul is in despair within me;
      Therefore I remember You…” [Psalm 42]


      ”Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right, persevering, and steadfast spirit within me. Cast me not away from Your presence and take not Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and uphold me with a willing spirit. Then will I teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners shall be converted and return to You.” [Psalm 51:10-13 Amplified Bible]

      Hubert, I think we are of similar mind & heart these days, as we might have been in days of old as well. Thank you for this honor, because I needed this today. You see, through another’s eyes I am currently residing in a place of desolation, and in need of my own restoration, healing, and deliverance from a life & witness that appears to the world as seemingly stale, forgotten, discarded, irrelevant, non-existent… “shipwrecked”. I heard a speaker fairly recently say “your life is only shipwrecked if you leave it that way”. And as right as those words sounded to me at the time, I was still stranded & in that place of “what now?” If I already knew how to get un-snagged from this place, I would have prayed and then done it by now. So I am continually learning, & re-learning, that it is not about me! And often, the best thing to do when I need prayer is… pray for others. Thank you again Hubert. I would love to pray for you & your beautiful family!

      I hear a similar cry from your heart Hubert, to my own, for family & friends. And I do pray… “Thank You Lord for another day to worship & pray. Please JESUS, OPEN the EYES of the blind, the EARS of the deaf, the MINDS of the haughty, the DOORS of the prison cells of the oppressed, depressed, afflicted, & addicted, and Lord soften the HEARTS of the hardened, or stitch the hurt & broken, that have kicked or been kicked to the side of the curb or laid to waste there [even at the hands of “Christians”], who feel alone or abandoned… & replace it WITH YOUR WORD, fruit of the SPIRIT, forgiveness, YOU!”

      I admit, I have no eloquence of prayer speak, I just talk to the Lord & I always start with “Thank You Lord”. By this, He takes the lead from here & I pray I would follow Him anywhere. May the Lord Bless you abundantly Hubert & that He replenish, refresh, anew, and pour into your life to overflowing, that you & your children will be swept away by His current.
      Love in Jesus!


      • hubertwrites says:

        Julie, My heart does go out to you, I know that you are genuine and that there is war in and around us; I firmly believe that you like I have been driven by the false gospels of men, not of our own desire, but because of our love for God and His salvation. and it was this naive passion which caused us and many many others to be trapped by an -emo -gospel which is indeed another gospel and not of God.. I hope you see what I am saying,and don’t condemn yourself, because I have been snared for years and have lost everything in life because through this. On Sunday I drove with my sons to the city, on the way we drove past a nearby town where my initial fall began, as those memories came back flooding my mind I was wrecked, saying Lord I had no Idea what had happened but these ‘people false Christians, and false prophets’ began to destroy me my marriage,my soul and my mind RIGHT HERE!’ When I came to Jesus it was sweet, pure, holy, and quiet, The mystery prophetic movement was the slippery slope that destroyed me many times more than all of my sickness, and former life combined. I have never been able to stand since, and they prosper in their folly as they lead millions around the world right into Satans evil hands. Without knowing you personally I would place my life on that this is what has happened to you too, I saw it a couple of years ago when we first met here. Please forgive me if I am wrong Julie, but this is why I wanted to talk to you




  2. hubertwrites says:

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